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Raimundo Burger is a gourmet burger shop that opened its doors in September 2017 and is located in Sa Gerreria neighborhood, in the heart of Palma’s old town. Our only goal is to cook and serve the best burgers on the island, in a very cozy yet casual atmosphere, by implementing the three main principles of our cooking style: first quality ingredients, always fresh food, and cooking with care.


A burger is an extremely straightforward recipe: a flat and round grilled steak of ground beef in a bread bun. That’s it. Therefore, to elevate it into something delicious there’s no other way than using the best ingredients available to us.

At Raimundo we do not skimp and we always use the best ground Galician beef (with no additive and no preservatives), the best brioche bun on the entire island (topped with black sesame seeds), and the best sauces and sides that we can get. They might not be the cheapest ingredients. However, despite our margins, the final result is definitely worth it.


Our brief and simple menu is the ultimate proof of our philosophy. Due to the size of our restaurant (with only 45 sits) a concise menu is the only way to achieve a high turnaround of vegetables, meat and bread to ensure that everything is fresh and daily bought simply because we run out of all ingredients at the end of every dinner shift.

At Raimundo we do not work with precooked and/or frozen foodstuff because we believe that freshness is the only way of achieving excellence (and that also includes our fries and desserts).


Lastly, in order to cook and serve the best burgers on the island one has to become extremely self demanding in terms of respecting the ingredients, using the appropriate cooking techniques, and nailing the optimal cooking points of each ingredient. The key to success are a properly toasted and warm bun, a perfectly grilled steak (crispy on the outside when still juicy in the inside), and always meticulously prepared sides (no matter whether they are pickled, marinated, pan-fried or slowly cooked). In addition to our burgers, our starters, fries and desserts are also homemade (it couldn’t be otherwise, right?) and they are absolutely delicious.